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P-Nut Wine

P-Nut Wine

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P-Nut Wine

I took a drawing I made and created this new limited edition painting on paper.  I have never heard of P-Nut Wine but this elephant found a bottle and drank whatever was in it. He claims it was tasty.  I do really like P-Nut Butter. Maybe it was like that. I hope.

Each painting in this limited edition set is slightly different. None are the same. All are uniquely perfect.

There is quite a lot of time and effort in this series of painting on paper. A lot of tiny brushes were used. Then I used my silkscreen to lay down textures and line-work over and around the painted sections. These are each little unique works of art. I haven't been taught these techniques. I just have been trying some things and see how they go. I think that is how artists are supposed to do. Try things.... I haven't ever made P-Nut wine either.

3 color silkscreen over hand-painted paper.

Limited edition of 29.

11"x17". 100 lb. French Paper, natural white color. Signed and numbered by the artist.

Hand-cut, painted and printed at my home studio in Arabia Mountain U.S.A.

Painting will be mailed to you flat, with a clear protective liner for safe keeping. 

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