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Snip Snip Haircut Poster

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Based on a drawing I made late one night early this year.

I drew it while listening to things about Memphis and Sam Phillips talking about Elvis. He had quite the voice. Sam Phillips. Elvis too. 

I imagined this scene I created was in a wooden floored little shop. At night they played music after work was done for the day. Good times and a dancin' dog. Don't let the dancin' dog near the booze bottle.

I used a new technique to make these posters. I hand-painted them and then laid down the black line work on the top.


Very limited quantity. Each one is unique. All are a bit different from one another.

11"x17" hand-painted / silkscreened poster.

Painted paper. Archival.

100 lb. French Paper, signed and numbered by the artist.

Created with much care by Kyle BlackCatTips Brooks at my home studio in Arabia Mountain U.S.A.

Shipping Included.