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Cokey Coler Personalized Cut-Out

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I would like to cut you out a special Kyle BlackCatTips Brooks Cokey Coler bottle on thick fancy white paper. I will cut it out by hand. Then you tell me who to make it out to and i'll write a little note on the back for you and a funny face. I will write it with a pencil. I will attach a paper hook to hang it on. 

Personalized from me to you!

The paper bottle measures approximately 13" tall x 4" wide.

After the payment has gone through you can email me the info on who to make it out to ..etc etc ... or i will draw a little small cat or dog or bear if u ask pretty please.

Email me the info and your name to me here

the price is $50  - includes shipping and i'll throw in a fun happy sticker too.

Thanks for your support.

Each will be unique for you.